Sielaff SiLine Snack and Combi machines

SiLine Snack and Combi machines

The All-Rounders

A feast for your eyes. SiLine® spiral vending machines have succeeded in harmonising aesthetics with current market requirements. Modern design and well thought-out technology promote maximum turnover at point of sale.

Snacks, bagged items and bars as far as the eye can see. Every product is appealingly presented to the customer through the SiLine®´s attractive high shiny glass door. As standard, SiLine® SiLine Snack and Combi machines are available in 780 and 990 mm widths.

Whether snacks, non-food products, cans, glass and PET-bottles or even drink cartons – the combi range offers wide choice and high capacity. Two different temperatures in one machine ensure that both the snack and drink areas are perfectly chilled. The positioning of temperature separation can be adjusted between shelves to suit your layout. As an option your machine can be configured to vend standard drinks or in the LM-version to dispense smoothies or fresh milk drinks. Beverages are stored upright in pusher containers. In this way the SiLine combi vendors offer enhanced product representation, higher capacity and increased sales. The patented lift system delivers even the most delicate of products safely to the customer. The innovative Sielaff Lift System guarantees the gentle transportation of glass bottles, fizzy drinks and fragile products.
The mix has it: Variety and high capacity in the smallest area.